What do I talk about on a date?
By Penelope Frohart

You've finally landed a date with the person of your dreams, you have the perfect outfit and the perfect plan, but what are you going to talk about on the date?

This is a common concern for most people, nobody wants to have to deal with "uncomfortable silences." Well, it is easier than you may think. It will get easier as you go along and as you get to feel more comfortable with each other, but just smile, relax, make eye contact and have fun! Here are a few fun questions to help break the ice and help you learn more about your date:


Penelope Frohart is a vibrant young woman with an intense curiosity about people. She is the author of The Book of Fabulous Questions: Great conversation starters about love, sex and other personal stuff and I Love You: How to say I Love You in 99 Different Languages.

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