Suicidal? Read Me


The intensity and duration of suicidal feelings vary among different people and even in the same person at different times. Some people may have a very strong wish for death, either because they are very depressed or the future seems quite hopeless. Others may have more mixed feelings. They may see suicide as an answer to an intolerable situation, although they would not choose to die if they could find an alternative. And there are those who experience suicidal feelings that come and go but which usually seem under control. However, it is important to remember that any suicidal feelings can be life threatening, given certain circumstances.

If you yourself have been thinking about suicide and feel scared that you may act on these feelings it is important to get appropriate help or support from someone who understands what you are going through. See your GP as soon as possible and explain your feelings or phone a helpline or make e-mail contact with an organisation such as The Samaritans.


What to do if some one starts talking about suicide.

It is difficult to support someone who is suicidal on your own and it can be far too great a responsibility. Try to persuade them to get further help from someone they trust. They might talk to their friends or family, or their GP or contact The Samaritans, or you could contact The Samaritans on their behalf. The Samaritans can then, if appropriate, telephone the person and offer support. You may also need support for yourself from a friend or relative, for example, or from an organisation such as The Samaritans.

The warning signs of suicide.

The main sign is verbal talking about how they "can't go on," "nothing matters," "I'm gone end it all." Talk like this should always be taken seriously.

Other signs

What to do

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