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What is Gifts-in-Kind (Calderdale)?

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This is a local pilot project set up in partnership by the Community Foundation for Calderdale, Voluntary Action Calderdale and the Ground Floor Project to act as a clearing house for surplus goods donated by local businesses for use by community and voluntary organisations working in Calderdale.

The type of goods donated vary - but does include surplus office and business equipment, computer and electronic equipment as well as manufactured goods.

As we lack warehouse space to store goods on your behalf we need to ensure that groups wanting donations are matched up quickly and that the goods are removed from the donorís premises as soon as possible.

While we will not be charging for becoming a member of this list, goods will only be given to recognised voluntary or community groups working in Calderdale. Any goods received are supplied on the understanding that they must not be sold, bartered or traded or given to staff or volunteers and must be used either to meet the groups own needs or distributed according to the charitable objectives of the organisation requesting the goods. If you are unable to collect the goods yourself within a period of one week then we can arrange transport of goods to you but there is a charge for providing this service.


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