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Do you have surplus office furniture that you need to get rid of but donít want to just send it to landfill?

Perhaps youíve recently upgraded and want to ensure that your old office equipment goes to a good home?*

Or perhaps you find yourself just warehousing surplus goods from time to time. Ends of lines, slight seconds, items in damaged packaging?

Why let it be a problem when it doesnít have to be?

Gifts-in-Kind (Calderdale) welcomes corporate donations in kind and in this way you can help support an entire network of local community groups through a single contact point. We also make sure your donation only goes to the people and groups that really need them.

Why donate?

  • for the satisfaction of knowing that your company has helped support local people through local charities
  • by saving your company storage space, or the cost of disposal
  • to be environmental by allowing the goods to be reused rather than just end up in landfill
  • by not having to choose which local organisation will benefit from your donation
  • to stop having to worry about your donations being used for personal use
  • to promote good community involvement and to improve your company publicity

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* We cannot accept old (pre-pentium) computers or non-functioning equipment, sorry!