Who can benefit?

Thank you for subscribing to the
 Gifts-in-Kind (Calderdale)
Mailing List

You will receive an email whenever goods are offered to the scheme. If you are interested in the goods being offered, please send us an email stating the name of your organisation, the item you are interested in and (where multiple copies are available) the number required.

If you are successful (we offer the goods on a first come, first served basis based on your email send time), we will contact you with further details.

Goods are offered free of charge subject to the following conditions but must be removed from the donor within the stated period. Transport may be available but there will be a charge for this service.

  • Goods received through this scheme may not be sold or traded and cannot be used for fundraising activities (without prior permission of the donor), or given to staff or volunteers. All goods must be used for the benefit of the organisation itself or distributed to members in accordance with your charitable objects as set out in your constitution and must be distributed free of charge.
  • Goods requested can only be delivered to one address.
  • A date and time will be agreed with you for delivering your goods. While we will try and keep to this, we cannot guarantee a specific date and time and we cannot store goods if you are not available for delivery.
  • Goods are supplied to you Ďas isí. While we make every effort to ensure that the goods are in good condition and match the descriptions given, we cannot guarantee this.
  • Unwanted goods cannot be returned but we will re-advertise them for you - please note that you may not charge for redonating.