Light Pollution

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What is Light Pollution?

Light pollution is when an exterior light, such as a streetlight or a security light, directs light upwards into the night sky. This upward-bound light gets scattered in the atmosphere causing an orange foggy glow to appear above a town.

light polluttion

For an astronomer trying to peer out into space, this glow presents itself as an almost impenetrable barrier that renders all but the brightest stars invisible. Light pollution is a consequence of poor or lazy engineering that is both unnecessary and, to a large extent, avoidable.

The sky is a precious, natural and educational resource for all, and an undoubted area of special scientific interest. However, much of the ground there for gained in the move towards winning back the stars for our descendants will be lost again if the installation of poorly-aimed, intrusive and all-night security lighting continues.

A waste of money and energy.

Reducing light pollution does not mean reducing the level of lighting required for usual outdoor night-time activities. Normal lighting levels can be achieved with well designed astronomer-friendly lights whose optics direct the light where it is needed - on the ground. Lighting up and washing out the night sky serves no useful purpose.

how the stars should be seen light polluttion      how the stars are seen with light polluttion

Before Light Pollution

After Light Pollution

Light trespass.

Involves light shining onto a neighbouring property where illumination is not wanted.

Disability glare.

Occurs when light shining into the eyes of a person causes that person to be inhibited from performing safely a given task in the vicinity of the light source. For example, architectural lights and security lights sometimes shine into the eyes of passing motorists, causing a hazard to both motorists and pedestrians.

Key detrimental effects of light pollution are:

Many things could be done to reduce the problems of light pollution:

Or we could start using LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) to light the streets as they tend to use far less power and more friendly to look at.

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