Welcome to the Bio-Diesel section.

What is Bio-Diesel?

Bio-diesel (B100) is a renewable, biodegradable, alternative fuel or fuel additive for diesel engines. It can be used either in its pure form or has become increasingly common it can be mixed with a petroleum-based diesel to form a 'cleaner' fuel. Bio-diesel can be made from a variety of products, including animal fats and virgin and recycled vegetable oils derived from crops such as soybeans, canola, corn and sunflowers.

Bio-diesel is manufactured by chemically reacting with vegetable oils, it consists of rapeseed oil, potassium hydroxide, ethanol. Bio-diesel can be run in any diesel engine with little or no alteration. The cost of bio-diesel is more then ordinary diesel at present but works more efficiently and reduces wear and tear on the engine which will help prolong the life of your engine. Bio-diesel is a mild solvent fuel it will actually help clean your fuel system.

The benefits of bio-diesel

Carbon Dioxide (CO2), a normal product of burning fuel, is non-toxic, but contributes to the greenhouse effect. All petroleum fuels cause increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels because they represent the combustion of fossilized carbon. By contrast, using renewable fuels, such as bio-diesel, does not increase atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. The carbon dioxide formed during combustion is balanced by that absorbed during the annual growth of plants used to produce bio-diesel.


Bio diesel cycle


Sulphur emission contributes to acid rain, from a low sulphur fossil diesel fuels bio-diesel has an 80% lower emission, virtually none existent and is lower then Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD).

Nitrogen Oxide (Nox) emissions contributes to smog and ozone, which is fog with soot in it. bio-diesel has a 50% less effect then low-level fossil diesel.

Bio-diesel emissions of the greenhouse gases is 55% lower then of fossil diesel and bio-diesel on a average emits 40% less emissions of carbon monoxide then diesel. bio-diesel Tailpipe emission is 20 to 39% lower then low sulphur fossil diesel and 29% lower then Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel.

Bio-diesel is less toxic then table salt, is more biodegradable in that it degrades 5 times faster then fossil fuels and has a higher flashpoint of 151 Celsius then fossil fuels.

There is a car club, who have cars running on bio-diesel for hire in the Calderdale region.