Welcome to Communities @ Calderdale-Online

the wonderful new community website service from those friendly people at Calderdale-Online.

Now, every charity and club in Calderdale can create its own website. It's completely free - and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to set up and maintain your own internet sites.

Communities @ Calderdale-Online is much more than a free web provider. It's a real-world, online community. Come for a tour and see what it can do for your club, charity or society.

Don't worry about having to know code, our friendly staff do all the work for you. You just type in the words, tell us colours and send us your pictures and we do everything else. What's more, it's a genuine online meeting place for all manner of charities and clubs across the district.

Who is eligible to sign up?

Why are we doing this?

As your local community website, we have a passionate interest in what is happening in the community. Communities @ Calderdale-Online will be a great source of information and we hope it will become a one-stop information point for everyone.

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