Ten Top Tips for getting your website noticed

Your Communities site can be viewed directly by anyone surfing the Internet, simply by typing your web address into the toolbar of their web browser.

1. Your address (sometimes called a URL) is: www.calderdale-online.org/community/ followed by the site ID you put on your registration form; e.g. mixendenartclub

2. Make sure that all of your staff or group members know your website address. (www.calderdale-online.org/community/your-site-id)

3. Print your website address on all letterheads, newsletters, Christmas cards, etc., to ensure that everyone you correspond with has it to hand.

4. Print your website address on all leaflets, posters and other promotional literature about your group.

5. Make sure you include your website address in any copy that you submit for publication in the newspapers regarding your group. Space in-paper may be very limited and your copy may be cut down - but readers can still find out all about your organisation (or the event you are running) on your website.

6. If you have a regular meeting place, pin up a notice inviting those who are interested in joining your group to find out more on the internet.

7. Post information about your site on newsgroups related to your subject. This gets visitors worldwide.

8. Prepare and save a short summary or press release about your group (including the website address) offline. Use a search engine to find sites that are similar to yours e.g. Model Railway Clubs in the UK. Email each one with your prepared summary.

9. Register with search engines like www.yahoo.co.uk

10. Keep at it! You will need to go back and re-register your site with search engines periodically. This will help to keep you towards the top of the list of search results.