In order for us to creating hosting you group on you must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions listed below:-


In these Terms and Conditions the following terms shall have the following meanings:-

"The Conditions"
means these terms and conditions;
"Communities Website"
means the facility set up by Calderdale-Online to enable organisations and groups to build their own websites including information relating to their activities;
"Member Site"
means a website relating to a particular organisation or group, which forms part of the Communities Website and, for the avoidance of doubt, includes all pages contained within such website;


Calderdale-Online,Salem Mill,Central Street, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6HB

"Participating Organisation"
Means the party which wishes to build a Member Site relating to its organisation or group as part of the Communities Website

1. Services provided by Calderdale-Online

I. Calderdale-Online permits each Participating Organisation to construct and maintain one website within the Communities Website. Calderdale-Online will provide, free of charge, to the Participating Organisation, the use of webspace, software and related technical information, which Calderdale-Online in its absolute discretion, deems necessary to enable that Participating Organisation, to construct and maintain such website.

II. Communities @ Calderdale-Online can be used by the Participating Organisation only for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a Member Site. All facilities remains the sole property of Calderdale-Online at all times and the Participating Organisation shall obtain no rights to it or to use it except as expressly set out herein. Upon removal of a Member Site from the Communities Website for any reason, the Participating Organisation will no longer have community access to Calderdale-Online facilities.

2. Participating Organisation's Obligations

Each Participating Organisation shall:-

i. create a website relating to its organisation or group as part of the Communities Website, as soon as reasonably practicable after becoming a Participating Organisation and thereafter shall maintain its Member Site;

ii. Ensure that the forum and site receives a minimum of 50 visits/25 posts not less frequently than every six weeks;

iii. follow any guidelines which Calderdale-Online provides to it in relation to the form, layout and content of its Member Site;

iv. obtain Calderdale-Online's prior written approval to any terms and conditions which it intends to use at the Member Site;

v. inform Calderdale-Online of any complaint it receives about its Member Site;

vi. not use its Member Site for the purposes of advertising, promoting, selling or supplying any goods or services or otherwise for commercial purposes;

vii. not permit any third parties to use the Member Site in any way which breaches Condition 3.I.v.

viii. not insert any links on the Member Site to any sites which Calderdale-Online reasonably believes are inappropriate or may compete with the Communities Website;

ix. not disclose to any third party its password, or any other security devices or mechanisms provided to it by Calderdale-Online in relation to its Member Site or otherwise knowingly do anything which would enable a third party to alter, add to or delete a Member Site without the prior written consent of Calderdale-Online;

x. if it runs a message board forum linked to its Member Site, impose such conditions of use on the forum as Calderdale-Online may request and make such amendments to such conditions as Calderdale-Online may request from time to time.

II. The Participating Organisation acknowledges that Calderdale-Online has access to the Member Site and shall be entitled to place on the Member Site links to other areas within Calderdale-Online. The Participating Organisation agrees that its Member Site shall not contain any advertisements.

III. The Participating Organisation hereby grants to Calderdale-Online a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free licence to copy, distribute, publish and use (in paper form, electronically or otherwise) and for that purpose to reformat, the material forming part of the Member Site, on the internet, on any website and in any newspaper or other publication published by Calderdale-Online or any of its group companies. In connection therewith, the Participating Organisation hereby grants to Calderdale-Online a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free licence to use its trade marks, trade names and logos in connection with such copying, distribution, publication and use of the said material.

IV. The Participating Organisation acknowledges that it will not acquire any rights to copyright, trade marks, trade names or other intellectual property rights owned or used by Calderdale-Online or its group companies except as expressly set out herein.

PLEASE NOTE:- We reserve the right to refuse to display any content (whether Text or Graphics) for any reson but especially if we believe that copyright has been contravened.

Under our terms of use you are legally responsible for all content displayed on your site. In the event that your content is in breach of copyright, it is your responsibility to arrange for its removal immediately.