Do you recognise this man?

Unknown suicide victim found hanging in Hebden Bridge wood.

Can you help, please:-

Halifax Hot Line: 01422 354606 or 01422 337119

Calderdale Coroners are appealing for help in identifying a male found hanging in Horsehold Wood in Hebden Bridge on the 3rd August 2005.

The deceased is described as a white male, 5 foot 9 inches tall with short, brown receding hair, blue eyes and weighing 64 kilos.

He was clothed in a black fleece type top under which was a grey t-shirt with an image of the Statue of Liberty, blue coloured 'Outrage' Jeans and navy blue 'Adidas' trainers. There was a blue hooded 'Nike' top on the ground near to the body.

The male is believed to be a smoker and probably a drinker as there was a bottle of cider nearby. The tip of his left little finger is missing.

He had distinctive tattoos - one on the inside of his lef arm of a symbol made up of two oblique strokes almost in the shape of a 'V' with a long vertical line running through the angle of the 'V' with two parallel horizontal lines like an = sign running across the vertical line. Under that symbol were the letters TNT. On the right arm he had a tattoo of an eagle apparently landing and on the right upper arm, almost at shoulder height, what appears to be a home-made tattoo of the letters RP with an electric flash underneath.

The coroners office believe that he was probably a local man or someone who knew the area well as the woodland where the body was found is well secluded. Can you help identify this man?