Lights Over Calderdale

Grey's visiting Calderdale?

The latest report regarding lights seen over Calderdale is listed below:

At about 7.30am on The 1st of April 2004 an Unidentified Flying Object was reported flying low at Shibden Park, Halifax England. An eyewitness, training for the Great North Run, wishing to remain anonymous, reported the incident to the local authorities. We spoke to the local authorities ourselves and were told "there were no testing of any kind" on that day and that "there were no weather balloons in or around the local area."

Luckily another observant passer-by, walking his dog, also wishing to remain anonymous, had his camera and was fortunate in taking a photograph. He reports "it sort of came down low and made a kind of humming sound, the ring seemed to pulsate with the little lights, on what can only be described as a craft. I first thought it was some kind of joke until it hovered for about 15 seconds, or what seemed like an eternity, and then very quickly flew straight up."

The gentleman explained that he is an avid birdwatcher and always carries his camera.

lights over Calderdale