GEORGE W. BUSH - Calderdale Man?

THE most powerful man in the world (probably) - George W. Bush - the President of the United States of America, may have his ancestral roots in Calderdale.

A local historian made the connection between the Fairbanks family of Sowerby Bridge, some of who became important early colonists of America, and the Bush family.

It was Jonathon Fayrebanke, born in 1595, who emigrated with his Warley born wife, to Massachussets. Research showed that Jonathon's granddaughter married one Richard Bush in 1748.

The historian traced a direct line of descent through seven generations to George Herbert Walker Bush who served as U.S. President between 1989 and 1993. Now his son, the former Texas Governor George W. Bush has joined the long line of men to lead America, though his roots are in Calderdale.

Found in the Goggle's cache of a Halifax Today (Courier) webpage, which seems to no longer exist:

George Bush - American President