Unlucky Calderdale ?

Britain's Unluckiest Town

HALIFAX has been dubbed the unluckiest town in the country, according to new research in March 2005. The town came bottom in a league of Premium Bond scoops, netting fewer wins than anywhere else in the UK over the last year.

But a few miles down the road in Todmorden some residents are the luckiest in the country - if they have an Oldham post code. Oldham topped the league of luckiest towns as it had more top winners as a proportion of Premium Bonds held than anywhere else.

As reported on the BBC 2005

Britain's Unluckiest Driver

A Brighouse driver crashed into a house almost a year to the day that he ploughed his car into the exact same living room. The same recovery man and even the same fire crew attended the incident which left Gordon White's home in First Avenue, Liversedge, in tatters.

Eric Williams, of Blackburn Buildings, Brighouse, crashed his Ford Escort into Mr White's lounge in July 2004. It was a repeat of the accident which had demolished the front of his home exactly a year before.

"I think I am jinxed," said 61-year-old Mr Williams, a retired washing machine engineer. "I've heard of accidents happening like this but never in the same place. I know the man quite well because my ex-wife lives opposite him so I go to Liversedge quite often. With both accidents I was dropping different son's off in the area. I don't know what happened the first time, but this time I was told I went as stiff as a rake. My son Michael tried to grab the steering wheel but it was too late."

Mr White, 62, said he couldn't believe it. "I'd only just got the house decorated after the previous crash. If I'd have known this would happen I'd have chosen cheaper wallpaper. Next year I'll wait for him and make a cup of tea." On both occasions the owner of the house had been out at the time and almost identical damage had been caused to the house each time.

Mr Williams was taken to Dewsbury District Hospital with cuts and bruises and was treated for shock. The incident is not being treated as a criminal matter.

As reported in Halifax Courier 2005

Britain's Unluckiest Man

Matt Rodgers, a 19-year-old from Halifax could accurately be described as an accident waiting to happen. He has been a regular at casualty after a series of incredible mishaps which have seen him break most of the bones in his body.

He was accidentally shot by a friend, nearly died falling through a window, has been savaged by a dog and lopped the top of his own thumb off at work. Friends have even nicknamed Matt "painkiller" after his 30 hospital visits. And, he fears more are to come.

Matt said: "I think I will end up with plenty more injuries. My dad says I should be placed in a straitjacket in a padded room for my own protection."

Catalogue of Accidents

AGE 1: Fell on a piece of metal which pierced his forehead and put him in hospital for three days. Needed five stitches in his nose after another fall. Suffered from suspected meningitis.

AGE 6: Broke his leg when a boy jumped on him - in plaster for three weeks. Later in the year, he had his finger sewn back on after trapping it in a door.

AGE 8: Broke his elbow in half after a £20 bet with his brother that he could make a jump on his bike. Bitten on the head by a neighbour's dog and had to have the skin glued back on.

AGE 11: Broke his arm in a rollerblading accident.

AGE 13: Suffered serious arm injuries and badly cut his lip crashing through a plate-glass window.

AGE 14: Accidentally shot in the shoulder and chest by a friend with an airgun. Cut his arm open after taking up skateboarding.

AGE 16: Sliced the top of his thumb off at work in a slaughterhouse.

AGE 18: A glass shattered in his hand as he picked up. He needed five stitches.

Matt has also sprained his wrist three times and his ankle eight times. "At least, I'm used to the pain," he said.

As reported in Fortean Times 2004