Calderdale is a rum-old place. Its valleys and towns are filled with tales of UFO's, legends of Robin Hood, witches and falling fish.

This section of Calderdale-Online is our tongue-in-cheek attempt to catalogue at least some of Calderdale's weirdness and in particular its continuing contribution to fortean lore.

Symbol for stories covered in greater depth by Weird Calderdale

Many of the stories mentioned here (specifically all those marked with the symbol shown opposite) are covered in much greater detail in the excellent publication 'Weird Calderdale'.

We are extremely grateful to the Author, Paul Front Cover of Weird CalderdaleWeatherhead, for his work on several of the stories featured in this section.

Weird Calderdale is available to buy from local bookshops and tourist info centres in Calderdale or direct from:

Tom Bell Publishing
PO Box 71
Hebden Bridge

Price £7.99, p&p free,

cheques or postal orders to be made payable to Paul Weatherhead.

If you know of any odd or unusual stories set in Calderdale to add to this collection, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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