Domestic Violence

Domestic violence may consist of threats, punches, kicks or sexual force. The abuse can range from verbal harassment to stabbing and shooting. Domestic violence is a serious matter. It HAS often ended in death or permanent physical injury.

Perhaps you are one of the many people looking for a way out. Or perhaps you grew up in an abusive home. Or just the idea of any person being physically harmed by someone who claims to 'love' them infuriates you.
For any of these reasons, you want to make it - domestic violence - stop.

What is domestic abuse?

There are many forms of domestic abuse, ranging from screaming threats to pushing and shoving. Contrary to what many think, abuse isn't just physical battering.

Domestic abuse may include emotional abuse, economic abuse, sexual abuse, using children, threats, using male privilege, intimidation, isolation and a variety of other behaviors used to maintain fear, intimidation and power. In all cultures, the perpetrators are most commonly the men of the family.

Nearly one in three adult women experiences at least one physical assault by a partner during adulthood.

Domestic abuse does not discriminate against race, age and socio-economic background. No specific type of person is more prone to being battered by their partner, nor is any particular type of person completely safe from abuse.

What Victims of Domestic Violence Need to Know

Signs of Domestic Abuse

Acts of domestic violence generally fall into one or more of these categories:

If you have been assaulted, you can report it to the police

Domestic assault is a criminal offence. There are three types of assault:

Warning signs of an Abusive Relationship
What are some of the warning signs?

Do something before it's too late!

In your contact with any family member, the following observations should be considered clues to the possibility of domestic assault.

Such characteristics as:

What do we know about abusers?
Preparing to Leave
Getting Out:

What to do when leaving an abusive relationship?

If you are contemplating leaving an abusive relationship, there are some things you should do that may assist you in the process of leaving:

What can you do if you have been abused?

You can get medical help

Further Information and Help

Calderdale Women's Centre

23 Silver Street



Tel: 01422 323339



Information support, training & learning opportunities for any women. Free counselling service, legal clinic, domestic violence support, volunteer training.

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Star Project (Surviving Trauma After Rape)

14 Laburnum Road




A free and confidential support service for adult women and men who have been raped or sexually assaulted ,offering counselling, emotional and practical support in various locations throughout West Yorkshire

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Relate (Relationship Counselling)

Pennine Relate
38 Clare Road


Tel: (01422) 363845


Description (from their website):
"Relate is about relationships, all kinds of relationships. Whether you are having problems getting on with your partner, your kids, your siblings or even your boss – Relate can help."

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Domestic Violence Support Project Halifax
5/6 Park Road, Halifax
West Yorkshire.
Tel: 01422 323339 (Office hours only)



A confidential and non-judgemental service provided by trained workers and volunteers, for any woman living in the Calderdale area; Support is available in groups, individually by appointment or by telephone; Advocacy and court accompaniment is also available.

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Calderdale Women's Aid

PO Box 6

Telephone 01422 351498 for details.

(Advice Line) (Office) (Out of Hours)
Fax: 01422 381587



We offer emergency temporary accommodation to women & children fleeing domestic violence. Our support package includes; structured play sessions, link working and accessing other statutory & voluntary agencies.
Help, support and refuge for women and their children who experience physical, sexual or emotional violence at home.


Survivors UK Ltd.

Tel: 0845 1221201 (Tuesday & Thursday 7pm-10pm)



"Survivors UK supports and provides resources for men who have experienced any form of sexual violence"