Car Crime

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How to stop Car Crime?

Never leave your vehicle on icy mornings with the engine running to warm it up or to defrost the windscreens.

When at home, alway keep your keys in a very safe place, Keys must be out of sight and well away from windows and doors.

Most vehicles get broken in to when the vehicle is out of the driver's sight.

You should always have a fuel cap with locks.

Always remove you car stereo and systems if possible, its one of the most wanted items in you car.

All car equipment should be permanently marked, in a visible place with the vehicles registration number plate, or with some other unique identifying number which is linked to a recognised database which should meet LPC standards 1224 and 1225.

Make a note of your stereo or any other electronic equipments serial number and keep it in a safe place.

Try to look for a public car park or a police-approved 'SECURED CAR PARKS' scheme.

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