West End Golf Club propose to lease 40% or Roils Head Moor to build a driving range and academy for the young people in this area. (Can young people in this area afford golf club fees or will it be free for under 18s?). It is important that this local recreation area of land is retained for use by all the community and not just an elite few who can afford golf club Fees. Most local authorities are reclaiming such land to attract wildlife into their area, Calderdale are possibly going to lease ours off!! Roils Head Moor is home to Sky Larks, which have returned in greater numbers this year, as well as other wildlife. There are also rare wild orchids on the moor that will also be lost forever.

If you live in the houses that back onto the moor by the children's play area -do you want to have a car park at the bottom of your garden, that may effect the value of your property?

Make your views known.

Contact: - Bob Kaye–Parks Development (Calderdale Council) 284 404 & Hugh Firman – Countryside Officer 393 214

Eileen (Local resident & author of this information) on 07917 332 072