From the Courier - 12th May 2004

'RAINBOW ribbons to signify peace and partnership are being distributed by Calderdale church leaders in a drive to combat the British National Party.

The ribbon, used in South Africa as a symbol against apartheid, is part of a scheme organised by Churches Together.

With the local and European elections looming on June 10, the group has devised the brooch as a statement of its common vision.

Nominations closed yesterday for the Calderdale Council elections. The BNP is fielding 14 candidates across the district.

The Vicar of Halifax, Wendy Wilby, said the idea was for mosques and churches to work side by side with voluntary and statutory organisations and mainstream political parties, to support a multi-ethnic and religiously-diverse society.

"We would like to wear the ribbons to show our commitment to partnership and peace - in essence it is an anti-BNP statement."

Here at Calderdale-Online we have put these Rainbow Ribbon logo's together so you can display your commitment against racism on your website. The following graphics are free to download and display - to 'grab', rightclick on the image and select 'save picture as...' and display your site's commitment to anti-racism with pride!


(52 x 150)

(106 x 300)

If you wish to also put a slogan in we recommend using

'Rainbow Ribbon Campaign against Racism'