Support the campaign to stop your water supply being illegally poisoned with fluoride.

You will have heard the propaganda that fluoridating water supplies is good for children's teeth, but there is much that the government and the British Dental Association are not telling you.

The reality is that your water supply is about to be poisoned with a toxic industrial waste. It is illegal, it is a form of mass medication, it violates your human rights and is known to cause serious adverse health effects.

Only one thing can stop it - YOU!

The Government's recently introduced Water Bill enables Strategic Health Authorities to fluoridate water supplies. This is illegal, breaches Human Rights legislation, will force the public to consume an unlicensed and untested substance, and will cause serious adverse health effects.

The substance used to fluoridate water is Hexafluorosilicic Acid, an industrial waste obtained from the pollution scrubbing operations in the phosphate fertiliser industry. It is more toxic than lead and only marginally less so than arsenic. It is contaminated with heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and beryllium and is a cumulative toxin, 50% of everything consumed will remain in our bodies! It is illegal to dump this toxic waste at sea or in landfills.

It is not a medicine, has never been safely tested or subject to clinical safety trials, but is known to cause dental fluorosis. Dental fluorosis is caused by over exposure to fluorides and causes mottling and pitting of teeth. According to the Government's own study, The York Review, 48% of children living in areas that are fluoridated suffer from dental fluorosis.

It's mass medication and an abuse of our human rights. Fluoridation removes our right to refuse medication . If you want fluoride you can buy fluoride tablets or toothpaste. If you want to, or must avoid it for medical reasons you can do so. Fluoridation robs us of our freedom to choose and violates the Code of Medical Ethics set out in the Council of Europe's Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine.

It will contaminate everything that we eat and drink. You cannot remove fluoride with domestic water filters. You would need to install a reverse osmosis filter which costs between £450-£600 or buy lots of bottled water.

Water fluoridation only takes in 3 European countries (2% of Spain, 10% of the UK and 72% of Ireland has fluoridated water). Some EU countries tried it and stopped, others rejected it outright.

Despite the British Dental Association's continuing assertions that the move has public support recent opinion polls have shown almost universal opposition throughout the country. Yorkshire TV's Calendar News found 95% against fluoridation, the Lancashire Evening Telegraph poll was 96.5% opposed to the government's plans and in the South , Meridian TV polled 10,000 people of whom 94% were against fluoridation.

Fluoride MAY improve children's teeth, but WILL affect their health - you decide...



What you can do:

Write to the Chairman of Yorkshire Water Plc. asking him to guarantee that they will not fluoridate. We pay for a safe product, not for unnecessary 'medicine'. Say that you will protect your health and your rights by deducting a monthly sum to pay for the purchase, installation and maintenance of a reverse osmosis system and/or bottled water. Don't forget to remind them that fluoridation is illegal under the Poisons Act, removes people's fundimental Human Right to refuse medication and removes freedom of choice.

Or download a letter in PDF format from here...

Substantial water price rises are on the way, so you will be expected to swallow a price rise along with the poison.

Write to -

Mr. John Napier, The Chairman,

Yorkshire water Plc., Western House,

Western Way, Bradford, BD6 2LZ

Don't forget to write to the opposition parties asking them to oppose mass medication for non-contagious, non-lifethreatening conditions and to add it to their parties' policies.

Write to -

Michael Howard ~ Leader of the Conservatives


Charles Kennedy ~ Leader of the Liberal Democrats


Both can be reached c/o The House of Commons,

Westminster, London SW1A 0AA

For more information, visit the NPWA website.
or to find out more about local activities and what you can do