This section is about allowing our readers, the freedoms to change the society we live in. These include the freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly and the freedom of petition.

Perhaps the most basic of our freedoms is the right to join together in the pursuit of a common purpose. Community Action @ Calderdale-Online is intended to support these rights.

Although we will supply web space to highlight the various campaigns currently ongoing in Calderdale, whether on local or national issues, Calderdale-Online does not necessarily support the campaigns themselves, their actions or their ideology UNLESS we specifically state that we do. We do however support their right to have their views heard provided they comply with our terms of use.


Banning opposing groups and other associations is generally the first step taken by any repressive regime. Thankfully, although it is claimed - with some justification - that many of our civil liberties are restricted in this country, we still retain the right to have our views heard.

Should you wish to have your campaign listed here or would like forum space on Calderdale Chat to debate the pro's and con's, please contact us.

Make sure your message is heard